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structural warranty that follows the TAB Performance Standards.

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  • 1.   Protect homeowners - and your business - by transferring your risk to an insurance-backed structural warranty effective from day of closing
  • 2.   2-10 HBW's workmanship, systems and structural warranty follows the Performance Standards developed and accepted by the Texas Association of Builders (TAB)
  • 3.  NO soil exclusions
  • 4.   Cover qualified structural defect repair cost for 10 years through the 2-10 HBW insurance-backed structural warranty
  • 5.   Save time and money, minimizing frivolous lawsuits through 2-10 HBW administered dispute resolution and arbitration upheld by the Supreme Court
  • 6.   Offer fully transferrable warranties to your buyers, with no mandatory builder deductibles
  • 7.   Join the leader in national home warranty coverage, giving you, potential buyers and homeowners peace of mind

What is a 2-10 HBW Structural Warranty?

2-10 HBW is the leading provider of structural home warranties in the U.S. Our warranty covers 1 year of workmanship defects, 2 years for systems defects and 10 years for structural defects.

Warranty Features


Reduce Risk

Reduce your risk with 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty® (2-10 HBW) structural home warranty coverage. This coverage ensures that builders are protected.


Protect Your Assets

Paying out over $250 million in structural defect claims, 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty® (2-10 HBW) has helped our builders protect their business and customers.


Hud-Approved & Fully Transferrable

Our warranties are HUD-approved and fully transferable. We provide the most comprehensive risk management programs in the industry.

2-10 HBW Structural Warranties Explained

Gain the confidence of your buyers with our structural warranties, protecting homes right from the day of closing. One year workmanship, 2 years systems and 10 years of structural coverage. It is the most common new home warranty product provided by quality home builders, with 1 in 8 new homes sold in America covered by a 2-10 HBW Structural Warranty product.

What Load-Bearing Components Are Covered with a 2-10 HBW Structural Warranty?

2-10 Home Buyers Warranty - What's Covered
  • 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty - What's Covered Columns
    A vertical structural element that transmits the weight of the structure above to other structural elements.
  • 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty - What's Covered Beams / Girders
    Horizontal members made of steel, timber or concrete that carry structural loads.
  • 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty - What's Covered Footings & Foundation Systems
    Often classified as shallow or deep foundations, depending on the depth of the load-transfer member below the super-structure and the type of transfer load mechanism. The required foundation system depends on the strength and compressibility of the site soils, the proposed loading conditions, and the project performance criteria (i.e. total settlement and differential settlement limitations).
  • 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty - What's Covered Roof Framing Systems
    A group of studs fitted or joined together to provide support for the roof covering.
  • 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty - What's Covered Load-bearing Walls & Partitions
    Transfer the weight of the roof and upper floors to the foundation. All exterior walls are bearing walls. They support the roof at the ends of the joists. The interior bearing walls support the floors above and the attic weight.
  • 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty - What's Covered Floor Framing
    Structural supports for floor systems, including joists and bridging.

Additional Warranty Products

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